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Consider everything you know about advertising. Now forget everything you know about advertising. At Translation, we approach things differently – bending norms and shifting the status quo. We launch music festivals for beer brands, create sneaker lines for insurance companies, and restore love for a national sports league with just a 30-second commercial spot. Does this sound exciting to you? If so, refer to the application below.

Translation’s summer internship program starts on June 5 and ends on August 4, 2017. We’re looking for Creative, Account Management, Brand Strategy, Social + Context Strategy, Project Management, Production, Music Services, and Experiential  interns. Our clients include Apple Music, NBA, NFL, DSW, and State Farm…just to name a few.  The last day to apply for our 2017 internship is April 21. 

Come change the game alongside some of the best in the business.



Q: How long is this internship?

A: It lasts two months. But getting twelve rounds of brutal feedback from your Creative Director? That lasts a lifetime.

Q: Will housing & transportation be provided?

A: Housing is not provided. But hey, this is a full-time (40 hrs/week), paid internship and you also get a monthly MetroCard. Oh, and also unlimited rides on the Staten Island Ferry. So, worth it?

Q: What is the summer going to be like?


Q: How is it working in Times Square?

A: We’re not gonna lie. It’s weird out there. But where else could you find the Naked Cowboy and Batman getting lunch together at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company?

Q: I'm a senior in college. Will I get a job out of this?

A: In the words of Founder + CEO Steve Stoute, "Everyone wants a six–pack, but no one wants to do the crunches." Do with that what you will.  And also, this.

Q: Is it lit?

A: If you have to ask, click here.





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"What I love most of Translation is the ability to work for individuals who are personally invested in my growth and career development. Translation has offered me the opportunity to learn from a different set of unique individuals whose provocative approach and POV are making a large impact in culture and the industry."

– The Executive Assistant who gets her hands on every account :) 


"Personally, above all else, what I love in this job is the amazing relationships with the people here. The environment is lively. It requires me to always be on my toes. Not just in my knowledge of the industry and all things related, but also socially with everyone here. We keep one another sharp. 

Like the old adage says "steel sharpens steel," that really comes to life in Translation. This is an agency full of hustlers, the people here have pushed me to come into my own as a professional and they continue to guide me as I grow."

+It stays lit.

– The Strategist formerly known as Rex aka "Presto"